The classical quest for the holy grail. But this time you only get one button and only one direction to go.

There is no going back. Take your steps wisely.

Grail was an entry for the Ludum Dare 48h compo #28. The theme was "You Only Get One".


Download 9 MB


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BOSS GAME. Only thing you could add is more features- like a sword button


Only took me about 12 minutes to beat, but with 53 deaths along the way. That was really fun. It's truly the Dark Souls of one-button platformers... It's got all the key challenging dark fantasy action game elements: respawning to compensate for the unforgiving danger, tricky timing in the swordfights, traps that seem unfair the first time, no pausing, and skeletons. I'd also really like to see this concept expanded into a full game.

Thank you! Glad, you liked it :)

Well, I guess I should look into it and see how long it would take me to make a full game out of it ;)


I got the grail! nice, that was fun, kept me comming back. I'd buy a full game of this for a few bucks. Runs great on my crappy tablet laptop i take to school. Good time killer before class.


thats a realy well made game m8 good job

Thank you! :)