A very short horror-themed "Alone in the Dark"-alike made for Ludum Dare #32 within 72 hour.

You are the carrier of a magic mirror making your way through a dark temple to reach its inner sanctum.

controls: keyboard

use arrow keys or WASD to move (turn left/right, walk forward/backward) and left Ctrl to raise the mirror.

This game uses the Pravas font by @Jupiter_Hadley


UdomNebdon_win32.zip 13 MB
UdomNebdon_Mac.app.zip 15 MB


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Really great visual style, nice work.


Thank you :)


This was excellent. A genuine recreation of how tank controlled, static camera angled games worked and felt! I quite enjoyed that. Hope you'll do something with this one day.

Thank you!

I hope, too. But for now there are a bunch of other ideas I have to explore :)